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Our values


We look for clear, clean and transparent relationships in our business cooperation.

We believe in simplicity and usability. We have learned that our customers are looking for simple solutions to their problems, measurement, monitoring and supervision tasks. That's why we put together our solutions based on individual needs as simply as possible. Our simple, cost-effective and purpose-built technology and digital solutions can help you as well. We are not the problem, we are the promoters of the solution.

The design and pricing of our services are within the framework of real needs and opportunities - we are interested in creating long-term, profitable and sustainable cooperation. 

We work to contribute to the preservation of the values of the environment and nature and to sustainable management with our accessible, people-centric digitization solutions.

Our objective


Our goal is to promote efficient and safe farming and increase yield


Problems arising from the unpredictability of the environment and nutrients are an increasing burden for farmers. We cannot change these circumstances, but with our solutions we detect and indicate the changes and thus speed up the intervention.


We are convinced that the economy of the future is sensor-based. Data-based production process optimalization can lead to better and more sustainable environment for the animals and more profitable business. It is not necessary to be on site to detect a change in conditions, while it is not absolutely necessary to intervene manually to restore the ideal state. 


Our goal is to simplify the life of businesses. We take the burden of frequent, routine inspections off their shoulders and provide them with security when they are not on site.

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