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When running a business, you have to pay attention to many big and an increasing number of small details in order to stay afloat and remain competitive.

Cubilog's digital solutions help you deal with challenges by collecting data and turning it into information, as well as by monitoring processes and technologies. 



High operating and production costs compared to those of competitors can also cause a business to decline. The first is to get to know what is happening in our company.  Our technology helps you  better understand the operation of your business and be able to make informed decisions. By placing our sensors, you can find out what, how much and when it is sold out. The interpretation of the collected data can help you to find the points where you can save time, resources and therefore costs by paying attention and possibly by making small changes.


An unexpected event or accident can cause material loss or, in the worst case, other damage. By monitoring production and operations, you can be informed in time about unexpected or excessive changes, even via your mobile phone. Timely information allows for more effective intervention that can even prevent damage. We also have a solution if you want to start an automated intervention mechanism based on the collected data.


In order to comply with the regulations and to support the business process, there are many administrative requirements at all levels of a company. By using our digitization solutions, you can significantly reduce the administrative burden on decision-makers and employees, so they have more time and attention for productive work. In addition to reducing the workload, automated administration based on data practically eliminates errors and mistakes. Improve your efficiency and your employees' morale by reducing the administrative burden!


The operation of a high-level and transparent quality assurance system is not only a condition for compliance with regulations, but increasingly also for competitiveness and the retention of clients and customers. Our sensitive digital solutions, in addition to technological supervision, facilitate, automate and simplify your quality assurance processes in close connection with their usefulness in solving other problems. Based on the collected, processed and long-term stored data, entire production processes can be monitored and reports prepared.


There are several possible ways to track production:

  • One is to manually read the data and record it on paper, but this is no longer a modern solution.

  • ​Another way is complete automation, but the cost of this is significant both in terms of investment and operation.

The introduction of a continuous, real-time monitoring system is the right solution for SMEs, as its investment and operating costs are moderate, the benefits provided by the system achieved in this way are extremely useful in terms of efficiency, and a quick payback is ensured accordingly.

In the framework of a meeting, based on some of the main data of your company's operation, we will help you assess the expected return on the implementation of our sensor remote monitoring solution.

Contact us, so we can calculate the Return on Investment you can expect from digitizing your operations! 

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