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Why Cubilog?

From demand assessment to data visualization 

We take you through the process from understanding the problem to the deployment of the solution. We support the implementation process and operation.

Useful, predictable, long-term cooperation

We deliver a solution. We offer a long-term partnership that goes beyond implementation, we support and we think together with our partners.

We are partners in business and technological innovation

Based on our daily work, we also know very well that a business must constantly improve and develop its operation and production in order to survive. With our experience and human-focused, accessible technology, we help your business to realize its ideas and increase its efficiency. We can help you if you just want to keep up, but also if you want to take a big step!

Interoperability with other systems

The first thing for us is that our customers can work efficiently and that the solution we implement expands their opportunities and improves their decision-making ability. That is why we ensure a high degree of interoperability: the data and information we collect are readily available to other contracted service providers at our customer's request.

Self-developed solution, adaptive system

The self-developed platform and the wide range of sensors enable flexible implementation.

Cost-effective digitization that can be started small

A solution that can be implemented easily and pays off predictably, even in a monthly fee structure.

We are constantly developing, following the needs of our partners 

As an SME, we also experience the burden of making frequent decision, the daily courage and the compulsion to rely on ourselves in solving tasks. We continuously develop our products and services based on market trends and the business needs of our partners to support them better. 

The data belongs to whoever produces it

The data is owned by the company for which the data is generated, we help produce it, visualize it, help interpret it and turn it into information.


Our partners' data is safe, this is guaranteed by our technology and that our entire system can be run in a secure cloud or on local servers.

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