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More informed decisions can be made by collecting and processing various environmental parameters, consumption data, or other data related to farming, production, and their processes. Based on the data, it is more precise and targeted, where this can be solved, automated intervention can be used to prevent or manage processes that have a detrimental effect on production. Our solution is cost-effective, independent of machine type, and can be installed without loss of warranty.


The data is collected with sensors, or if there are already installed sensors, we extract them from them. Through a data collection device installed on site, using a GSM connection, the sensors send the data to an online, continuously accessible interface, where we can see the information produced according to business considerations. Authorized users can access this interface from a computer or smartphone in order to continuously access the latest data and information.


The system provides the possibility to set alarms for predefined values, so that the competent person is immediately notified of deviations, even via their phone. The collected data can then be compared with other data, even from other systems. Our self-developed software application enables reports and statements to be prepared based on the data and information, which provide a quick overview or in-depth analysis of each data or process.

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System components



Our most frequently used sensors connected with wired or wireless technology according to demand and installation options:


Air pressure


Ammonia gas




Air quality


Opening sensors






Balance cells

According to demand and the expectations of the given task, the detection of virtually any environmental and consumption parameter can be solved with uniquely developed devices. In case of special development needs, we can deliver a solution with the involvement of a suitable partner. It is possible to implement individual development needs after separate consultations.


What can we measure for you?

Data collector


The data from the sensors are sent to the data collector we also installed using secure wired or wireless technology. The data collector transmits the collected primary data via a secure, encrypted GSM connection to our cloud-based data recording and display system. If for some reason there is no way to transmit the collected data, the data collector can store the data for up to a few weeks, and then transmit it after the connection is restored.


Data transfer


The data from the data collector is sent to our cloud-based data recording and display system at specified intervals using encrypted GSM communication.

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